On behalf of Binnenstadservice and Eco2city, we are pleased to invite you to the conference ‘Growing Green City Routes; Action on urban freight consolidation’ that will be held on April 16th, 2018 in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

This conference will bring you experience on how to set up and run an UCC and how to make the best use of UCC’s being a shipper, LSP or municipality. Our inspirational speakers show you the way by explaining each part of the action for industry and government known as the triple X and triple P vision.

Next to the content, there is more reason to celebrate. This conference is held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Binnenstadservice and the fact that Nijmegen, the city in which Binnenstadservice was founded, is the Green Capital of Europe this year.

More information about the programme, speakers and sign-up is available on the website: www.growinggreencityroutes.eu.

We encourage you to attend and look forward to seeing you in Nijmegen.



Binnenstadservice offers the solution to this problem.

For more information see also www.citylogisticsnetwork.eu

Contact us:

National bureau

Tel. 024-3732488
E-mail info@binnenstadservice.nl
Twitter @Eco2City (for all the news involving eco2city, new cities, etc.)
Adress Hulzenseweg 20, 6534 AN Nijmegen

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Andrea mei 7, 2013 om 14:16

Could you tell me if any of your projects uses cargobikes?



Huseyin mei 13, 2014 om 10:39

Yes, they are using cargobikes as well.


laetitia dablanc oktober 4, 2014 om 16:30

What is the average size of the consolidation terminal?
Many thanks,


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